Akari is a brand that has dedicated many years of its existence to finding the best and most appropriate essential oils and resources that would help their customers find peace and feel comfortable with the candles that Akari brings.

Their fragrances are outstanding and all of the customers are satistied with the product they get, however, sometimes this doesn't mean everything for a brand (this is Akari's point of view), as sometimes a brand is looking to feel comfortable with itself, and that way bring a more pure or positive energy towards its customers or users.

When it comes to the brand, what the our team decided in order to keep up with the innovative and different styles that are already on the market, was to make a brand that looks as simple as it should be. Staying close to the sun, to its roots and using materials that convey the same peaceful feeling.​​​​​​​

José Tovar
3D Design & Project Direction

Isabela Chavarría
Logo, Animation & Packaging Design

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