Senses ® is CBD Oil brand, derivated from hemp grown on farms around Europe (mainly in the Netherlands). These oils are helpful in assisting with pain control, anxiety, promoting sleep and other benefits.

Our products are tested against allergies, pesticides and microbials, cruelty-free and by the experience of 60% of our users our oils have been playing a very important role in the ease of common health conditions symthoms (including neurological disorders and anxiety). Some of our eldest users have been experiencing heart health and relieve in certain types of pain.

As a brand, one of the most important things for Senses ® was to get to know the final user in order to produce a feeling that most of them could identify with. By researching, we found out that our target audience had a very wide age range.

That is why we decided to have two main (focus) products, with the CBD Cartridge being the most important product of the brand, along with the CBD Oil Dropper Bottle. These two helped us identify our largest age groups and ideally help each one of them identify with a part of our brand.

José Tovar
3D Design & Project Direction

Isabella Chavarría
Logo, Animation & Packaging Design

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